Coos Bay is Oregon’s largest coastal town located on Historic Highway 101 in the Southwestern part of the State. The city is widely known for the vast amount of wood products which enter and leave the city each day. The phonetic name of the city is ‘k; the “s” is not said as a “z” and the ü takes on the “oo” sound. Thus Koos Bay is the proper pronunciation. The Bay Area consists of four cities which include Coos Bay, North Bend, Empire, and Charleston, and is the home to Southwestern Oregon Community College. The Bay area is  the proud home of the Southwestern Oregon Regional Airport (OTH) which now offers daily flights to and from major airline destinations. The city is also the home to the Bay Area Hospital (BAH) which is the largest medical facility on the Oregon coast.

sunset bay

The city has a very moderate climate.  Summer temperatures average 65F with very little rainfall, however the late fall and winter months bring heavy rains and high wind gusts. Notice the tops of the trees in the area and you will see the treetops bent and leaning eastward.


The list of things to do in Coos Bay is almost endless. The Bay area is well-known for its’ excellent fishing, dungeness crabbing and clamming. The beaches,  State Parks and the surrounding areas offer a great opportunity to enjoy many recreational activities. You will have the the chance to go whale watching, view the beautiful estuary’s, hike along the ocean’s cliffs,  explore the dunes, and so much more!


downtown coos bay from the east

Another attraction gaining popularity is Oregon state’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana use. This has birthed a new industry in the state of dispensaries and "marijuana tour" companies attracting visitors from out-of state. The city council of Coos Bay has chosen to suspend the spread of these industries into our city limits at this time. For more information about marijuana tourism in the state of Oregon, and Coos Bay’s municipal policies on recreational marijuana use, please see this article.


empire lakes sunset

Sunset at Empire

Sunset in Coos Bay

A very calm pacific ocean sunset