Your safety while visiting and enjoying the beaches and the cliffs of Coos Bay Oregon needs to be measured with a great deal of caution. There are many ways to stay safe, and I’ll provide a list of the most common things to watch out for which cause your safety to be challenged. Common sense goes without saying, but what can start as a beautiful day along the beaches in Oregon can turn out to be life-threatening if you are not fully prepared – and in the case of this page forewarned. Oregon looses far too many people each year to the ocean, and many could have been prevented.

Be aware of the Following


Beware of the Tides: I cannot stress how important it is to know how to use the tide tables and charts. Along with the tides are the currents which can often pull you out to sea no matter how strong of a swimmer you think you are, or even worse yet just pull you down leaving little or not chance of survival.

Rocks and Cliffs: The ocean spray and very heavy rains make the trails and rocks especially slippery. Get yourself a good pair of hiking boots with a non-slip surface. Stay on the trail and don’t venture to close the edge of the cliffs, they may just not support your weight. While you are down on the beach in areas with cliffs above you watch out for overhangs because they could easily break free and fall on you.

Drift Logs: It doesn’t matter if they are in the water or on wet sand, a log can easily be picked up by the ocean and in a moment’s time be thrown on top of you. This often happens by something called a “sneaker wave”. A large wave can form in even calm looking waters without notice.

The very bottom line as I’ve mentioned numerous times on this web site is to never turn your back to the ocean. Always watch your footing, be aware of your surroundings, and be absolutely positive that you know the movements of the ocean.

One other very strong thing to keep in mind is just how cold the water is along the Oregon beaches. In Southern Oregon the average temperature of the water is about 54F, and further north even colder. It will not take long for hypothermia to set in should you enter the water without the proper gear such as a wet suit fitted just for you.

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