First Site In Coos Bay to Fly the American Flag

The pictures below are of a plaque dedicated to the U.S. Transport Captain Lincoln. The landscape pictures show the area where the crew of the transport camped and now has the name of Camp-Cast-Away. The transport was beached during high tide during a storm in what is now Coos Bay. The ship was beached on January 2, 1852. The crew and the soldiers made a camp from remnants of the ship. They used the sails from the ship to make cover for themselves, and they used the mast of the ship to fly Old Glory. This was the very first time the American Flag was ever flown in Coos Bay. The crew camped there until the middle of the summer. No lives were lost and all the Army supplies were saved.

The plaque was erected by the Coos Bay Chapter of the Daughter’s American Revolution.

boat building center
Captain Lincoln
breaking waves
Coos Bay