Conde Balcom Memorial Bridge

This is one of the most beautiful and well-known bridges along the coast. The McCullough Bridge was originally another name, but when it's creator died in 1946 the bridge was renamed in Conde B. McCullough's name. The bridge was the work of F.E.M.A. - Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works Project 932. It was built Under Co-Operative Agreement By Oregon State Highway Commission, Northwest Roads Company and Virginia Bridge and Iron Company Contractors. A plaque on the Southeast side of the bridge has the following words "Dedicated to the memory of Conde Balcom McCullough whose genius and inspiration are manifest in the design of this bridge and many other Oregon Bridges. Bridges.

I've taken many pictures of this bridge using my digital camera and these are some of my favorites. The pictures taken under the bridge have a cathedral effect and the structure itself is just beautiful. I've hiked to the top of the bridge and the view again is just gorgeous. There is just something pristine about the bridge and I believe Mr. McCullough had this in mind during it's construction.

CondeBMcCulloughB1.JPG CondeBMcCulloughB2.JPG CondeBMcCulloughB3.JPG
CondeBMcCulloughB4.JPG CondeBMcCulloughB5.JPG CondeBMcCulloughB6.JPG

McCullough Memorial

Arches under the Bridge

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