Mingus Park in downtown Coos Bay is a very nice place to take the family to enjoy both the park and the Choshi Gardens. It’s also one of the most wonderful places to take scenic photographs of so many different aspects of nature. The neighborhood park is dedicated to all of the men who died during the Vietnam War.

It’s a very pristine area with a lake which contains fountains, a very small lighthouse, and all sorts of birds. There are ducks and geese most everywhere you look, and they have become quite tame and are eager for a handout. They make a nice photograph especially on a well lit sunny day. On a foggy or overcast day birds and other animals and objects in motion are a bit harder to photograph just right.

The park area also has a place to play horseshoes, a baseball diamond, and a NEW skateboard park. There are two areas of the neighborhood park with equipment such as slides and swings. One area is for the larger children while the other area is for the younger toddlers. Bathrooms are available along with a few nice areas to either get out of the sun or rain.

Once you get to the small footbridge at the opposite end of the park you will reach The Choshi Gardens. The Japanese Gardens were created to honor our sister city of Choshi, Japan. There is a sense of Japan as you enter the gardens. Again, you will find another footbridge along with fauna, plants, and trees which are common to Choshi. The area has a very calming effect and is laid out with a small stream and it’s own unique pond.

Mingus Park and the Choshi Gardens

Mingus Park
Mingus Park is Located in downtown Coos Bay, Oregon