These are a group of surfing photographs taken during a recent surfing exposition near Coos Bay. There were a number of surfers out enjoying the day, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. I was most impressed with the younger surfers – some of them looked as if they had been surfing longer than there age. The waves were not great, but every once in awhile a nice set would come in. I caution you all that the waters in Oregon are very, very cold a full body-suit is a necessity. The majority of the pictures were taken at Lighthouse Beach and others were taken at Simpson Reef. I have also seen surfers in the Coos Bay jetty despite the very dangerous rocks and the Jetty’s barrier.


You will notice that all of the surfers have wet-suits on. They are a necessity here in the waters of Coos Bay. The water temperatures are close to 55F and without protection you can easily develop hypothermia. There is a surf shop in the downtown area that offers rentals of wet-suits and surfboards.