Coos Bay Tide Charts and Tables

The very best time to go clamming is on a very low tide - preferably a "minus" tide. The "negative tides" are the low tides with the "-" symbol. On the opposite side, the very best time to go dungeness crabbing would be on a "high" tide. I suggest you arrive about an early before the full low tide and that will give you plenty of time to get your limit of clams. Yes, it might be dark but the true lover of clams will go out at night if need be and use either a lantern or light of some means to find the clams. Actually, once you learn what to look for getting a nice limit should very seldom be a problem.

Most anywhere on the "bay" side of this area is an excellent place to go clamming or dungeness crabbing with Charleston being one of my favorite places to go. You can also find clams out towards Eastside; just west of Coos Bay. Don't hesitate to drop me an email if you have any questions. Good Luck. I'd surely dress warmly. The bay water is very cold and our very temperate climate keeps the bay area rather cool if not cold. Please visit my my weather page for more in-depth weather facts.

A very good day clamming and crabbing should lead you to more clams and crabs than you know what to do with. My freezer is surely full. Your's could be too. They also make a great food for friends and relatives. You supply the main course and let them supply the rest. It works for me. Please always check to make sure clamming is SAFE - There are times when the season is closed due to various reasons. A park ranger or the local fishing/tackle shops can provide you with this information. Also, remember that strict regulations apply to dungeness crabbing, so again please make sure you understand and follow the regulations. There is much more in-depth information to be found on my pages dedicated to each of these fun, and recreational activities.

If you need help understanding tide tables and charts here is some more detailed information.

Tides for Coos Bay Oregon beginning 18 April 2014

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