Coos Bay Watch for Whales

The Grey Humpback Whales are an awesome sight, and you can quite often see them as they migrate south for the winter, and then again you’ll see them moving back to the north around March. The whales migrate to warmer waters in Mexico to have their calves and then once winter draws to a close they move back to the Northern Alaskan waters where the calves grow and mature. The easiest way to see them is from the cliffs, and a good pair of binoculars in often needed if you want to see any detail. These pictures were taken with my Nikon SLR, but the whales are out so far that even on full magnification they are rather hard to see. You’ll want to look about half way out over the horizon and look for puffs as the whales come up for a breath of air. A calm ocean makes your chance of seeing the whales much better and depending on your location in Oregon they will be in closer or out much further. They do at times come rather close into the shoreline because they love to play and rub themselves along the gravel beds of the ocean floor. Again, this is just one more reason why the Oregon coast is so fantastic! More pictures in the galleries.

whale watching
Whale watching from Cape Arago State Park