People often ask what the weather is like here in the city.  I believe the chart below quite accurately describes what you can expect to find for each particular month.  Yes, there will be variances from the norm, but all in all the chart is very accurate.  I have noticed quite a change in the weather over the past 12 years.  Winters are not nearly as “stormy” as they were in years past; Spring is very short and summers are a bit on the warm side. The table below was complied using the averages of many years. You can count on a few things along the Coos Bay coast.  Mornings are most always foggy until the sun burns it away; afternoons are bright with a cooling soft breeze.  No matter what time of the year you visit I would suggest that you bring warm clothes along with rain gear.

The weather conditions shown on the side are the current Coos Bay temperatures.

Yearly Report
Average Yearly weather conditions for Coos Bay